I’d like you to meet my very 1st best friend

When I was a child I took my best friend everywhere. I loved him until his hair fell out, his nose rubbed raw, and his arms and legs had been sewn back on too many times to mention.

He was blue and white, had orange hair, and was named Alfie.

He was the best.


My daughter, Z had her own best friend, just as I did, his name was Bug..and she loved him until he was, quite literally, only strings.

He was a musical pull-string crib toy with a music box inside his head. He was a used toy before Z even got him.

We hung him on the side of the crib to help put Z to sleep to the music. We went to check on her one night and found him pulled into her crib with her. Since his head was still tied to the post by the strings she was holding on to it desperately in her sleep. It was obvious she had worked very hard to keep him in the crib with her, probably after several incidents of him sliding out and dangling by that string. We took pity on her and untied him so she could hold him in her sleep.

The  morning we woke to screams of delight. She refused to let go of him even once after that day. Here is the bug bulletlist of historic events:

*Age: 6 months-Discovers bug and pulls him into her crib

*Age:  1 year old-Bug receives his 1st operation after being used one too many times as  weapon with music box in his head (plus multiple washes made the music box rusty) and becomes stuffed with clean cotton. Pull string is removed and body is filled in with cotton.

*Age 2:  re-attachment of head string that Z wraps around her fingers while sleeping.

* Breaking Z of the string once it can no longer be attached is like being in hell. (It takes 3 weeks to accomplish)

* Age 4:Bugs head falls off. Mama desperately tries not to laugh. He goes by Frankenbug for 2 weeks and sports a new red thread scar across his neck. Mama adds a colorful heart ribbon to his neck to hide his injury. This eventually falls off from wear.

* Age 5: Bugs face develops a hole. This. Is. Bad.

*Age 6: Cotton can no longer be kept in bugs huge holey head. Cotton slowly falls out of numerous holes in bugs head and body.

* Age 7.: Bugs body is  essentially a hull.

*Age 8: Bugs body disintegrates into nothing more than strings.Eventually strings disappear into the universe.

* Age 9: Mama surprises Z with a Christmas present. A hand-made pillow version of  Bug cross-stitched as an exact replica.