Chapter 10!

I am soo stinking proud of this new Chapter. It transitioned well from Chapter 9. I have the action back in alignment and can now, happily, move on to more Character building in Chapter 11, after all, we need Miss Templeton’s part of this lovely story.

We have introduced 3 of the 4 main Characters  Hamilton, Miss Templeton and Braxley. We still need to meet our villain, of course, but he’s meant to be a bit murky. Now it is time to introduce the reader to the parts of them that interact with one another. This is the part I call the “Gravy” of the book. The fun. The banter. The stuff that makes me giggle uncontrollably in the middle of my bus commute congratulating myself on my my book’s utter awesomeness.

I sometimes wonder if I am really the one writing this stuff, as I enjoy the story so much. This sounds like shameless narcissism, but the truth is, I think you have to be partway in love with your characters in order to properly write about them. Even the evil characters are delish.

My challenge to myself is to just write, write, write, without fixing or correcting stuff until I am all done just getting the book down. I lose my momentum if I don’t. My plan is to write a new Chapter for each day off I have each week. Slow going, but worth the effort.

This means I should have all 24 Chapters done by December 2, 2016.

Cross-your fingers.