Top 5 hints you’ve got experience in hurricane season

Z and her dad live in Florida. As you know I lived there 13 years. Since I now live in Pennsylvania, people make certain to keep me informed about the hurricanes as they happen. Talking with them on the phone, I realized I have become, quite without my noticing, a bit more experienced at assessing hurricane concerns.

So, for fun (as I ride out the storm with them emotionally) I have made a list of the Top 5 things I noticed in our phone conversation.

Top 5 Hints that you’ve been through a hurricane or two before.

#1 Hearing it is class 4 is slightly reassuring.

#2 You ask about wether or not they have filled the bathtub with water, have candles, cash on hand and batteries (etc).

#3 Your friends hear about it and are scared on your behalf because the word ‘hurricane’ freaks them out but you are much more concerned with the facts of this particular hurricane.

#4 You ask if they have something for themselves to do to pass the time once the electricity goes dead.

#5 Hearing the eye has collapsed makes you feel 80% calmer.