My stretch canvas photo has arrived!

Z looks soo beautiful on my wall. Now I just need to get some 8×10’s framed for display. I shall call it the “Mom brag wall shrine of deliberate daughter embarrassment”

She begs me about once a year not to play the boobie bra video at her one day wedding. I smile and tell her that, not only is that sucker playing, I have sent others copies, just in case.

My reasoning is this, it will be a moment that was teased about from age 6 onward,therefore, if it doesn’t happen, she will one day wish that it had, AND if anything ever happens to me (like death) that video will show Z I am right there at her wedding in spirit cause no way am I missing that moment! I look forward to that event just as much as I look forward to the first time I see my baby having a baby of her own.

The bra memory always makes me embarrassingly sentimental.

I just freaking love my kid! Yes..I totally freaking do!

She’s fifteen and the best person I ever met.

It’s too late at night to post the canvas on my wall, I’ll post it on Friday.

Long live the shrine!