Christmas spirit

I had today off from work, and it happens to be payday. Yippee!

I took the bus downtown and bought Aida cloth, some pretty floss I needed, and a compartmentalized container to hold my bobbins. I forgot the Poly-fill, so..after eating half a sub at Giant Eagle grocery store, I went back and got it too.

While traveling I listened to my headset and sewed the 5th ornament on my list. I am doing quite well as I need to do 6-7 a month leading up to Christmas in order to get them all done.

I thought about it, and decided they need to be less ambitious in size and selected patterns that aren’t bigger than the boxes I picked up to put them all inside (dummy). Which I did with 2 of them.

I plan to wrap each ornament in tissue paper with a  copy of one of my poems in the bottom of the box, then I want to wrap each box in Silver wrapping paper with a blue ribbon around it.

At first, I couldn’t figure out why this project was making me soo happy. I mean, I really love to sew because sewing calms me, but there was more to it than that. Then, I realized what it was.

See, I don’t have much money, like, ever..and that doesn’t really bug me, I have what I need and that’s good. The only time I get super sad, is when Christmastime comes around.

Christmas was always a big deal in both my parents houses. My mum always decorated the whole house in cheerful decorations, and my step-mum, Joann, always planned her theme for Christmas all year long (a tradition I’d dearly love to continue)

So, I was thinking. This is something I can do a little at a time, and it lets me feel like I am both planning a sort-of theme in anticipation of Christmas, like my step-mum, and doing it in a manner that makes me feel rich while poor. 🙂

Basically, this stuff is making me extremely happy lately.

I decided I will keep sewing and adding stuff to a pile all year long, from now on, to give as gifts each Christmas. This way, I get to indulge in sewing and it serves a real purpose. I think my first theme will be a bunch of cat decorated pillows. Tiny ones you can hang on a doorknob or a small nail.