Rory Roars and my writing trembles

Heh. Rory is my pint-sized editor. He’s the son of my friend, Kazza, and he is currently scaring the spit out of me by reading my chapters one-at-a-time, out loud.

I may need new fingernails, seems someone has chewed all mine.

The problem is, that I write really fast to get the story onto the paper and skip the annoying part called “proper punctuation and timing”

My sentences run-on, my commas are either surplus or nonexistent, and I can never quite figure out proper paragraph spacing.

He liked the book despite me. According to Kazza, they laughed at the idea of Braxley sitting down right in the middle of the crowd. They said it sounds exactly like something a child would do.

He also liked the landlady installing 3 locks as a means of getting to her renters before they could slip inside. Not to get rent money but as a means of gathering gossip. Kazza says he giggled at that bit.

They seem to really like Braxley, which is good, because he and Hamilton are my main characters.

I bounced some ideas off Kazza about another book I have stewing in my brain for another day. It’s called THE UBIQUITOUS TOME and it’s going to feature an amazing EVERYWHERE AT ONCE book that a girl finds in a book store and decides to take home. What she doesn’t know, is that the book is linked to all the other books and is seen by many.

She writes in the book, deciding to use it as a diary, only to have someone respond back.

Someone mentioned it sounds like the journal in the Harry Potter book, but though there are similarities, this Tome is magical in quite another way. The responder is not an evil horcrux trapped in a book, for one thing.

I told Kazza I want Keanu Reeves to co-author, she just laughed at me and said “Of course you do.”

Sigh** My friends never take me seriously.