Starting Chapter 13

Maybe it’s the writer in me, but I can’t help giggling each time I think about the words “Chapter 13” Writers aren’t the richest of people if they aren’t yet published, so this bit of reminder of my struggle to be somewhat more than extremely poor is, to me, completely hilarious. I keep breaking into giggles.

It may also just be that I am a particularly strange bird.

Anyhow, I am starting Chapter 13 today as I stated. I was all aquiver getting set-up. Got my new shirt on, put on Khaki Capri’s, and readied myself some iced coffee, only to drop the damned cup when I entered my room. YAY.

My house smells like Kerosene due to the completely insane BIL that is one of the people I reside home with (my sister and nephew being, obviously the others). The man has taken his pet project to save money to an extreme. I may have to put him in my book, so I can kill him.

I have placed above my computer the stretched canvas photograph of Z I had done. It is the singularly most motivating object in my room. My daughter needs to see me succeed at something. I will it to be so.

Ok, enough chatter. Time to get to work.