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Since I can’t post my Chapters to Hamilton and show off if I want to be published. I have decided to post some quotes from each Chapter. I am really proud of my work, so please forgive me this tiny bit of vanity. 🙂

Chapter 1:

Braxley was fond of trying new things, things that often resulted in angry adult mice, mice that generally were correct in their anger. Considering that most of Braxley’s explorations had something to do with loosening, untying, releasing, unlatching and generally changing the normal and often carefully planned preventing of something happening for very good reasons. Reason that all too often Braxley endeavored to discover the secret of, on his own (instead of asking) as Braxley secretly enjoyed (very much) the ensuing drama that his explorations created. Though, he did admit, he did not enjoy so much the resulting punishments from such.

Chapter 2:

(Miss Templeton and Hamilton) She shared a smile with me over young Braxley’s head at his antics. He was such a rascal, but a good heart, I think, underneath all that inquisitiveness and determination. He was, in all honesty, quite a bit like myself at that age. Full of questions and a burning need to know everything about everything. After she had gone, taking Braxley with her, I stood there, completely at a loss as to why I could not move. I was so confused I rushed away without speaking to anyone else.

Chapter 3:

     Braxley liked experimenting and finding out things. Like, how a woman reacted to a spider down the back of her dress. Obviously, he had not completed that experiment yet, due to the unfortunate need to hide for a bit, from the waiter with the fork and foul temper

Chapter 4:

Thomas Foxley was sorry. He was terribly sorry for what he had done. He only hoped he lived to regret his actions. He looked carefully around the corner of the brick building in hopes that he had been wrong. That two Ravens were not perched on the library roof waiting for him. That he had not run out of places to hide. That he had not gotten himself into the worst situation of his life. He gulped and wiped at the sweat obscuring his vision. Didn’t change a thing. They were still there and he was very sorry indeed.

Chapter 5:

The mouse scrambled to get the book and in that moment his eyes spotted Braxley under the table. Their eyes connected and for a long second, it was as if time had stopped. Braxley was not certain why, but he nodded at the other mouse. With a mighty shove the mouse pushed with all his might, and the book, though large, slid across the highly polished floor and underneath the table and into Braxley’s hands. He did not pause for even a second, did not even let himself think about what he was about to do, he quite simply DID.IT.

Chapter 6:

If anyone had been looking at Braxley, in that moment, they would have sworn he looked exactly like the grandfather of whom he had been so aptly named. Braxley clutched the book and prayed the mouse who entrusted him with it was alright. “I won’t let you down” Braxley whispered fiercely and set about making a mental list of what he needed to put his plan into action.

Chapter 7:

He (Hamilton) paused only a moment to glance at his name on the front of the package, which appeared to be written in a rather shaky crayon, before squinting into the flying dust in search of its owner. Seeing no expectant face before him, he slowly reached to his left, drew a small red bookmark to him, placed it exactly in the center crevice of the page, then peered carefully over the edge of his desk.

Chapter 8:

“Thomas Foxley was found at the convention center where the mayor’s ball was thrown, he was found in the dumbwaiter with stab wounds! He’s been rushed to the hospital! They say he’s in a coma! They say he must have been attacked by protestors that crashed the mayor’s ball last night!” Hamilton’s mind exploded with questions. Before he could ask even one, however, Felly had already continued “That’s not all! The mayor’s son was kidnapped this morning! Right in front of his primary school! The house mouse that was escorting him was quite shaken up, she said some ravens grabbed her and knocked her out, they placed her in some bushes and when she woke Braxley was gone!” Hamilton felt like he’d been doused in ice cold water.

Chapter 9:

He’d been right! It was a book from Thomas Foxley’s section of the library. It didn’t take a genius to figure that out, of course, it had been stamped just on the inside cover of the book. “Valuable and Historical Books Repository—please do not remove” The thing was, this connected Braxley and Thomas in a way that was beyond the one the police had already found.

Chapter 10:

“Drunk as a skunk?” finished Miss Dorton, cheekily. “I have had the most wonderful visit. Your friends are quite the drinkers. Mister Hamilton. They may have been Ravens, but they chatted like Magpies! Kept adding a bit of this and that to my tea as we talked. Before you knew it, I was sauced.” She giggled delightedly. “I think the taller one was the better dancer. Though, they were both dumb as posts. I mean honestly, to forget there’d be locks on your apartment door and come over to retrieve something for you without asking for the keys!”

Chapter 11:

They had, at first, enjoyed making him squeak. Lunging at him and laughing like it was some kind of hysterical game. After that, they had shoved him into a chair and told him not to move before sitting down themselves to play cards while they waited to hear from someone they referred to as “The boss”.

Braxley had tried to behave. He had sat there, doing nothing, for the longest time in his ENTIRE life.
It had lasted a full 5 minutes.

Chapter 12:

He strode forward with purpose, his need to speak to Miss Templeton much more important than his immediate dislike of the man standing near her. It was clear that she had not yet heard about Braxley. He needed to tell her, she would be very upset if she were not told.

Miss Templeton caught sight of him and let out a sound of recognition. “Why, Mr. Hamilton. It’s Hamilton, isn’t it? I do have it right, I know I must.” Hamilton closed the distance between them, a smile spreading across his face at the sight of her. She rememberd him.

Chapter 13

“What has happened to Braxley Mister Hamilton?” Miss Templeton asked
“Yes, for goodness sake, what could possibly have happened to the little annoyance?” Oliver demanded from across the room, as he continued his personal battle and perusal of the offending cobwebs in the vicinity of his expensive coat and trousers. Circling around attempting to see behind himself and any cobweb invaders that might have made their way onto him when his back was turned.
“I’m afraid Miss Templeton, that Braxley has been kidnapped.” Answered Hamilton.



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