Chapter 13 & 14

I’ve got Chapters 13 & 14 of Hamilton all done.

There will need to extreme editing, of course, but the basic bones of my story are all coming together.

I seriously got lost in writing for 5 hours and didn’t even think to stop. Ended up writing enough for 2 Chapters instead of just the one.


Now, I think I’ve earned some sleep. My head hurts terribly and I still feel a bit off from yesterday going home feeling unwell. I feel a bit rundown and truly need a vacation.

I have 4 weeks due me, but working in retail everyone knows that until after New Years I’m not even allowed to request a single day extra off work. Yeah, cause big business is fair and not skewed for their own concerns above yours….NOT!

For the next 2 months I’m on Holiday Hell duty.


On the plus side, I have sewing patterns on Pinterest to drool over.

I earned it. Snoozing and Pinteresting.

Sounds like a productive day to me.