How to bag a man…so you can finally be complete.

Revisiting old Facebook posts and found this:

(I found this article above online today. I admit it, I clicked on comments just to see what people had to say. It was carnage, beautiful, beautiful carnage!)

Why does this article exist?

I forgot, my whole mission in life is suppose to be bagging a man. Know what I find unattractive? That these kind of articles actually still exist and people actually see nothing wrong with them. It is like subliminal training to consider men more important than yourself, you must worry constantly about pleasing men, cause the article says so.. Cause, clearly, if you follow these simple rules you can FINALLY catch yourself a man. That is, after all, the only reason you exist. Right? This isn’t patronizing at all..right?

I am not a fan of patronizing articles that, while well meaning in some ways, are missing the underlying stress they place on pleasing a man, as if the woman must somehow be lower than he is, and as such, should pay attention to these rules in order to properly be what he is expecting her to be. She must live up to certain standards of behaviour if she wants to be even considered. Like men are somehow soo much more important that a method of conduct must be applied in order to even attempt to attain this most coveted of position of the status of girlfriend. The saddest part is, that if the article wanted to be more equal, they should have titled it 10 things anyone finds unattractive in a date. Why the focus on a woman? The things mentioned were all common courtesy and good manners for either sex. Having it only one-sided is patronizing.