Sewing, sewing, and more sewing!

You know how people say “Winter is coming!” as a sort of Game of Thrones tease?

I keep hearing “Christmas is coming” and I just about freak out. I have 9 stitches done. I have 10 to go.


I can do this right? I do not want to disappoint anyone. Huff huff.

(Small but needed rant now)

Why doesn’t anyone carry any bloody black DMC thread in this town!!!!!

Phew. There. Much better.

I checked 2 craft stores and they both are out of black thread. 6 of my stitch patterns call for it so getting a bit annoyed. I get paid on Friday so will try again then. Maybe Hobby Lobby?

Really am rather lucky all told. We have like 3 crafts stores in this town. (Joann Fabrics, A. C. Moore, and Hobby Lobby) They all take bus trip to get to, but they are worth it.

I’ve been listening to Bridget Jones Diary on tape while I sew. Mark Darcy is less prevalent at first. He’s my favourite character in the book.

(Colin Firth is dreamy)…just sayin.

Just looked him up. He’s a Virgo. What’s with me an Virgos?? Seriously. 80% of my friends, whom I connect with strongly, are Virgos. Women friends it’s Capricorn …but males. Hmmm…the other 20% are Scorpio men and woman..mostly.

Time to get started on Chapters 15-16