I don’t generally get annoyed by things enough to comment on them, not because I don’t get annoyed (I have an abundance of annoying in my life) but because I don’t bother to fuss about things I cannot control. As my dad always said “Pick your battles”

However, today I saw three separate instances of people refusing to take responsibility for things they had sole control over.

On the bus the woman got angry at the bus driver because she was going to be late for her second bus, and he kept stopping for other riders, including a man in a wheelchair he had to strap in.

At the bus stop a guy pulled out several bags of junk food and proceeded to consume them, letting the boxes and bags fall onto the ground instead of tossing them in the can three feet to his left.

A lady on the final bus of the night, on my way home, berated the driver because he didn’t tell her he’d reached her stop and she’d missed her stop by quite a way.

As much as these three people might have wanted to blame someone else for their situation (in the case of the junk food guy he took exception to my picking up his junk and tossing it properly) it was they and only they that could truly be to blame.

Being late for work sucks, but if you set out for work 30 min early, you give yourself extra time to arrive even if problems crop up.

If you didn’t toss your wrappers on the ground, you wouldn’t be embarrassed by someone else doing what you should have done.

If you paid attention to your travels, and asked fellow passengers for help identifying your stop, you wouldn’t miss the stop because you relied on an extremely busy bus driver to tell you when you got there.

It’s all about being responsible. Sometimes you just have to accept your shadows.

I am responsible for me. By admitting I am, I open myself up to learning better habits.