Dear everyone I’ve ever met,

Dear everyone I’ve ever met,

I am not sure how you see me, what you think, or what you’ve decided based on the small moments you have observed me in, but…

I like me.

I like that I hold conversations with thin air and laugh hysterically at thoughts that pop in and out of my brain, somewhat randomly, but definitely predominately odd.

I like that my hero’s are people who are both flawed and inspiring in equal measure, sometimes inspiring because they ARE flawed.

I like that one of my requirements for my favorite celebrities is they  continue to be people underneath all that other stuff. That I show my respect for them, by not forgetting that they are underneath all that other stuff, just people.

I have bits of myself that don’t lie flat. Refuse to conform. Resist the impulse to duplicate. I have traits that don’t prefer to neatly arrange themselves into an imagined image of someone else’s idea of beauty or let me forget that beauty comes from something simple, uncomplicated, and somewhat indefinable. I celebrate these things as odd bits that make up who I am. Are they faults if I love them?

I have too many opinions, and too little restraint. Too much heart and too little focus. Too much enthusiasm, and not enough money.

I am a mess and I sometimes burst randomly into tears because I have no idea how to hide the way I feel or if I really want to.

I don’t profess to have answers and stuff. I just really, really, reeeaaally love being here, in this world…living.

I love to laugh and I sometimes cry. I love to learn and sometimes teach.

I love this person who doesn’t always get the joke, or dress well.

I love her.

Cause she’s me,

And I finally love myself., at long last

Just as I am.