The Bridget Jones Dream

Guess I should have expected this one. After all, have been listening to the Audio book whilst I sew.

In my dream I was Bridget-esque reporter attempting to impress boss by interviewing highly scary animal presenters. If I had been awake, am pretty sure, would have been laughing hysterically.

It was one dream I wish the alarm had not interrupted as was complete evidence of how fricking good my writing is. Har Har Har “Writer Bekki”!” You are a writing genius!

Struck upon waking to annoying Beeep be deep beep, of alarm, by the reminder of how different some names are in England compared to America. Perpetua, Mavis, Una.

Also, struck by thoughts on how different book is from movie and how, for once, I prefer the movie version best (though loved both to absolute bits) Crap. Am stuck in Jones-like commentary loop now. Did I really just type “absolute bits”? Without snickering?

Considered writing entries of diary similarly to Jones, but realized…am not drinker, smoker and would die if ever actually calculated calories of food.

Decided on this instead:

Conversations with self: 89 v bad

Minutes contemplating Mark Darcy, but discarding his name and calling him Greyson, due to ex-husband being named Mark. 37 Bad

Minutes spent cursing my caterpillar hair 12 v good

Glasses of wake-up (otherwise known as coffee) 1 (cup is rather large though) fair

Curse words spoken: 6 v good.

Side effect of book listening: Keep thinking about “Man I have not met”.


Find it deeply hilarious that writer mentioned Hugh Grant AND Colin Firth in book and they ended up acting in the movie. Grant passage wasn’t flattering, in fact. Firth passage was.

Going to work now.