Board game dream

This was by far the longest SHK dream so far. Of course I acted like a complete dweeb! Seriously, please shoot me. Even in dreams I act like a spaz when I’m around someone I like. It’s like a Bekki curse or something.


I can only admit the truth. He was Damned yummy. SHK is always very yummy. I am not talking about looks, though, he’s no ugly chicken. I’m talking around how being around him always makes me feel like I could light up my own string of Christmas lights without plugging those suckers in.

He’s right in front of me, and what do I suggest for passing the time? A board game.

I can’t remember the dream as well as I have in the past because it went the longest my dreams ever have without waking.

The other weird, but cool thing, was that waking up and going back to sleep several times didn’t affect the dream. I just picked up where we left off once I fell back to sleep.

I just can’t remember much beyond seeing his face in the best detail I have ever seen it.

Like a really love-struck teenage girl, I dreamt and dreamt, but can only remember his face and how his smile made me stammer and sigh.

If I hadn’t been left feeling so  dern happy, I would be completely embarrassed by dream me for her puppy-like thoughts.

In the end only one thought remains after all that dreaming.

SHK really has the best smile ever forged by fate.


From now on I’m gonna call SHK by his name. It feels weird to call him “Smoking Hot Kisser”, now that I know his name.