Dear Diary, November 15, 2016

Number of random convos with self: 28 Bad

Curse words: 6 not bad

Hair moments in which I try to convince hair to behave: 3

Hair wins this round: 0

Glasses of iced coffee today: 3 hmmm.

Disgusted looks at pile of laundry: Too many to count.

Decided to make my “Letters to a man I haven’t met” private. I feel enough like a dweeb without making it even more obvious that I am nutso cutlet. 

(If you really miss them type: Nutso Cutlet : as a password to get entry)

Notice I didn’t say I planned to stop said letters. I said I was worried I would be seen as nutso cutlet, not that I cared if I were, in fact, nutso cutlet.