What I did today

For good or ill this was my day.

Woke up from a really long and completely amazing dream. The kind you don’t want to wake from and thus, waste away the day attempting to recreate.

Wrote about dream in blog and posted new poem. Logged onto statcounter only to learn that I am, once again, my own best customer blog visiting-wise.

Decided that writing Hamilton will have to wait until Sunday due to extreme migraine pain that makes me want to gouge out my eyes and eradicate light from the world. Shot longing looks at the computer the rest of the day.

Ate 4 slices of toast and one severely overweight glass of iced coffee, in the dark, whilst cursing migraine.

Finally had enough of lying in the dark at 12 pm and decided to go get something real to eat. Walked to McDonald’s in hoodie and dark mood. Accessorized these with headphones and Brown-eyed Soul. Bought a Big Mac, Fries and Iced Frappe (searing pain from cold drink made me regret immediately this brilliant bit of stupidity. Migraine came back..no surprise there idiot!)

Stopped at Walgreen’s for Hot Tamale goodness, left with $5 string of fairy lights (if I have to lie in the dark, might as well make it pretty)

Did laundry. Future underwear needs trump migraine.

Returned to the twinkle cave.

Adopted the term “Twinkle Cave” as permanent new name for room.

Watched K drama-Shopping King episodes 2-3. Kinda dorky,  but less annoying than lying in the dark wishing for death.

Retrieved laundry from dryer. Put away whilst tripping over extension cord.

Drank 2nd epic glass of iced coffee.

Had Stew for dinner. Eyed BIL’s Doritos.

Scored some of BIL’s Doritos. Woot.

Attempted meditation but couldn’t focus due to extreme pain from fricking migraine that won’t go away.

Read Sherlock Holmes with the lights off. Thank goodness for Kindle backlighting.

Decided to write final post (Of the day)to blog.

The End.

Ps. My head really, really, really hurts.

I need ice cream.