Journal entry: November 16,2016

Minutes spent cursing hair: 12 vg

Curse words: 29 vb (don’t tell Jan)

Glasses of iced coffee: 0 (drank 3 soda instead…just as bad)

Minutes spent on Pinterest saving photos of Judy Hops and Nick Wilde (terribly obsessed) 60 vvb

Migraine is finally gone. Yay! Work was slow but got TZ bays done (sorta)

Got off work early due to slow. Woot.

Lasagna for dinner. Need to finish cupcake stitch for Shelby Christmas present.

Peeked at bank account balance. May have banged head on desk in despair….not tellin.

Currently learning about something called Geomancy. Hmmm..

Candy Cane blankets from Joey D last year are saving my ass this winter weather. Yay warm!

Bought new funky socks that are disguised as black, grey and white as demanded by employer, we shall see if I can keep wearing them. (I miss my socks dude)