Chapters 16, 17 & 18

Chapter 16 has been cleaned up and completed. I may have a lot of editing to do once I have completed the book, but the bones are good.

Chapter 17 has also been completed. I just finished that bit this morning. It was rather interesting coming up with momentum ideas for getting Hamilton where I need him to be in relation to the action. A good bit of writing there.

Chapter 18 will begin at 8 pm. It is the start of Miss Templeton meeting Tillie for the first time and the location of Apple Den. I cannot wait to write about my beloved owl group.


Locations thus far:

Hamilton’s Flat
The Museum
The Mayoral Ballroom
Hamilton’s Library
Exterior Museum
Johnathan Littlefoot’s Home (revealed to be Hamilton’s childhood home)

Ok , so we have come along a fair distance and the timing is exactly where I want it to be. The psychology of Hamilton’s actions needs more restructuring. 8-10-year-olds are really good at questioning why things were done, or not done, the way they were, so I need solid  motivations. I need to think on it for some editing. Hamilton goes and gets Miss Templeton rather than go to Johnathan Littlefoot directly to get help, why? I am thinking it needs to be embarrassing, like Hamilton trying to impress her, but pretending it is for a more logical reason, slightly transparent to others. That needs a delicate touch to convey, I think I have it, but it needs a bit more thinking on.

I love that I have been successful in injecting the aspect of forgiveness and healing oneself in this book. The idea that real love can create pathways to one another that nothing else can stand in the way of, is very inspiring to me. Johnathan Littlefoot has quickly made me love him. I just have this feeling that he has a sage inside him and his words make me feel like, perhaps, my dada is part of him in small ways.

Chapter 18 is the one I have anticipated for quite some time. I cannot wait to introduce Tillie Mouse and her unconventional family of Owls. My own version of animal lost-boys.

We have:

Bartleby Sharpfoot (Orphan) White Owl
Spottingham Twigflyer (Orphan) Spotted Owl
Thomas Silverbeak (Runaway) Aristocrat. Cannot abide his families cruelty and prejudicial use of Mice Houseslaves.Southern
Pipsqueak Morning-star Sparrow who flies for income delivering packages and post. Wears an aviator helmet and is in love with Damson, but doesn’t know if he can accept her as a Sparrow. Comes from a poor but amazingly lovely family. Parents are Felicia Morning-Star and Donavan Morning-Star. Very big family (12) Only lightly mentioned in the story.
Damson Luther Hartshaven- Tillies Owl Step-brother (Orphan)
Tillie Anne Christie Hartshaven (Orphan)