November 19, 2016

Curses: 112 vvb

Hair negotiations: Hair 3 Me 0

Caffeine: 1 glass vvg

Conversations with self: 34 vvb

Sewing minutes: 0 (meh!!)

Writing words count: 0 vvb but writing Chapter 17+ 18 tomorrow)

I am extremely tired from work. Completely knackered. Very cold, very wet and my usual 2 hour commute home was felt more this evening making me grumpy.

Bright side: Marines were at my work for Toys 4 Tots today. (Drooooool) Men in uniform (let’s just sigh!!!)

Working Black Friday sale set makes me feel very much like an overworked racecar. I need more gas and less “Bekki can you make sure you have X sign in your set!”

Oh, I got Associate of the Month again!This was for last month. 🙂

I got home rather wet and achy (seriously my muscles and joints hate me today)

Thermal blanket I love you.

Fell asleep with lights on and dinner only partially consumed. Embarrassing.

Woke at 11:30 (slept 3 hours)

Wide awake now.

Sherlock Holmes Casefiles Particularly good read tonight.

Twinkle Cave activated!