November 22, 2016

Today I learned something new. I am so excited! The stitch I learned will make my ornaments display much cleaner edges and prettier presentation.

I have always had this unquenchable love of learning things. This really strange happiness steals over me when I connect something I have learned with something new that will make it even better.

How lucky am I to be so blessed as to have lessons in my life? I have learned so many things and seen so many places I never dreamt I would.

I have learned that I can trust myself to adapt when trying something I have never done before and something unexpected happens. I would never have learned that without something I didn’t anticipate occurring. How amazing that even a difficult experience has the power to make me stronger.

I learned how to navigate an international airport. How to ask questions and forge quick friendships based on mutual respect for those with knowledge I didn’t have and were willing to share with me, for no other reason than that they wished me well.

I learned how to find my way home when completely lost and scared. I have learned to trust in something I cannot see, but which guides my every step.

I have learned about forgiveness and how it makes my soul feel lighter when I offer it, even when the person is not yet aware they need to be forgiven. How much that ability means to me. How letting go of these things that hurt me make me stronger and happier.  How they teach me about the truth of compassion and the way it does just as much for me, as it does others.

I am forging a new me every single day. I like the me I am learning how to be. She’s got work still to do, but…I see her in the mirror sometimes and she smiles at me. She lives now without regrets. She has forgiven others, and herself.

I feel gratitude tonight. Even the things that hurt heal me, because I learn how to reshape the scars into something that empowers instead of weaken.

I am ready for more.

Never stop learning. There is something beautiful waiting.

She looks a lot like me, only much happier.