Pinocchio tantrum

I’m not supposed to rant
I’m often told I can’t.
I froth, I moan, I pant
but still your gaze recounts me.

I want to complete my screaming
You calmly ask the meaning.
I am not so subtly leaning
against this baseball bat.

You quirk a brow in humor
You pain me like a tumor.
Having a conscience was just a rumor.
If only it had remained so.

I’m not supposed to falter.
Lay my sins upon this altar.
Around my head a halter.
You lead me right to water.

You make merry at my cursing
laugh at my lips now pursing.
This fate is not reversing.
This firmament seems familiar.

You test me and employ me.
Will either save me or destroy me.
But just now you annoy me.
(Yea wee bastad.)