The Vroom and vacuum dream

Just woke from a dream. I seem to never sleep straight through. I wake up often because I am very light sleeper. I’ve only been asleep an hour darn it!

The dream was kinda funny. I was driving  a company car and talking to my sister (Joey D) about being scared of braking and having someone hit my car,  because I don’t have insurance. She was all matter-of-fact and said that if I get in an accident it is known that my job would fire me. Weird.

Then I dreamt about a vacuum and though the memory is fuzzy, she told me something about something  to do with the operation of the vacuum (maybe specs or something) and I rushed ahead of her around the corner, only to hear her telling someone I was probably going to sneak a look at the instructions on the vacuum, to see if she was right (basically calling me out on my ingrained personality traits) and I chuckled because I was completely busted as that was exactly what I had been doing. I shut myself in the bathroom with the vacuum to hide while blushing. I am so dorky.