Chapter 14-17 teaser quotes

Chapter 14:

“I have it in the trunk of my car Miss Templeton. I have already spoken to the police, but they seem to be fixed on the idea that the protesters are the ones responsible and wouldn’t even hear of my suspicions. Of course, I know more now, but I am still quite certain that the police would be unwilling or unable to tackle the secrets of this particular puzzle. Once I give them the object Braxley entrusted me with, I know they will put it aside certain as they are about their own conclusions of the nature of this abduction. I would much rather follow the clues it contains and attempt to assist the police by finding answers to the questions they do not yet know they need to be asking.”

Chapter 15:

Hamilton turned and found Johnathan Littlefoot standing at the right-hand corner of his house regarding him calmly in the manner that others commonly associated with him once they came to know him. He was dressed in red dirt-stained jeans and a blue chambray shirt. He held some vegetables in his hands and atop his head was a Stetson, very similar to the one Hamilton wore upon his own head. Extremely similar, an exact match, in fact, for it had been made the same day as the one he wore. A gift from Johnathan to his father. The two dark brown braids that extended down onto either side of his rust fur covered head were streaked with grey these days, but it was Johnathan Littlefoot, no mistaking. Hamilton smiled shyly, he felt like a kid again.


Chapter 16 “Hamilton waited a beat, for his shameful blush to retreat, before continuing. “I went there to get Miss Templeton, because I wanted her to see me do something dashing. I worried she had not been told about Braxley, certainly, but really, I just wanted to see her again and have her come with me to give the book to the police. I thought it might impress her to see me save the day in some small way.”

Chapter 17 “Hamilton and Johnathan stood quietly for a moment, just accepting the moment as it stood. Then, shaking the mood off at the same time, they laughed self-consciously at one another. The air felt somewhat lighter for it and it was with a determined concentration that Hamilton pulled the leather coat on while Johnathan proceeded to pack the materials into saddle bags and packs.

“Let’s get you loaded onto a Grasshopper!” Johnathan muttered clearing his suddenly tight throat at the sight of Hamilton in his father’s leather jacket, so familiar and personal.

Hamilton paused in complete shock and stared at Johnathan desperately hoping he had heard him incorrectly “Gra…Grasshopper?”

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