Random facts because I’m bored

I’m doing this thing I saw online because I’m lying here dying of boredom and coughing.

10 Random facts you probably didn’t know about me:

I use to talk to the moon as a child.

I had to take special classes to overcome my Dyslexia. I learned really well and only run into problems when I process information or am distracted.

I am left handed and wear watches on my left wrist because I don’t like giving others visual clues about who I am.

I once adored Rainbow Bright soo much I wanted the doll, mom got me Patty-o-Green and I was so disappointed I threw it across the room (in my defense/non-defense I was sick at the time) Have apologized so many times since that day (30 years or so) for that behavior that my mom begs me to forget about it already.

I once got my knee sliced open by a coffee mug that was thrown at me by my mum’s boyfriend . I got 22 stitches on my left knee and thigh. My sister was so freaked out by seeing it cut me that she can’t even talk about it to this day.

I was able, through researching my genealogy, to locate my grandfather’s long lost sister who was adopted as a baby. I discovered her name and told him about her just before he died of throat cancer. I am extremely proud of giving him that gift before he passed away. I miss him so much it consoles me.

I cannot bear to wear socks at home. Once I get in my own room the socks are off my feet. My bed is a no-sock zone.

I know a few words in about 8 languages, but only a few words or phrases, thus making my knowledge useless to anyone but me. 🙂

I helped open Animal Kingdom, Harambe Village and placed a Newsletter I created into the time capsule they created when they opened the park. I helped make the story-line theme we shared with new trainees to help them interact with guests to the park. My particular favorite is the sound effect of a woman washing dishes. The cast-member casually mentions she/he just hired them as a new maid and that if they drop one more plate she/he is going to have to fire them. They then walk away. 2-3 minutes later a plate dropping and breaking is clearly heard. (Much laughter ensues from startled guests)

I wear a promise ring on my right hand. It is a promise to myself that if I ever re-marry, it will be to someone who loves me as I am, this me..the me I have finally come to love and express. The ring  belongs to a man I haven’t met yet. I will give it to him the day we marry. It is old and faded, but it means much to me.


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    1. Oh, thank you. I am somewhat lucky to have created a somewhat family of my own over time. My friends are a hodge-podge of supporting individuals. I think things we go through help us to understand others.

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