Fist of fire

This is Z’s Leadership Skills Development Program entry the theme is “Reach for the Stars!”


She’s also working on a wooden carving, which she says is my Christmas present. She was intrigued when I suggested she might enjoy sculpting as well.

She told me she wears finger-less gloves to protect her hands and uses a flat-head screwdriver and a pocket knife to carve.

I’m just gonna pretend she didn’t say knife


UPDATE: OMG! Just realized I have THE perfect poem to match Z’s art piece.


All Rise

Believe in the possible.
Believe in the journey
the effort,
the continuous attempt.
To overcome
To withstand
To rise.

There will be moments
of helpless fearing,
gut tearing,
soul sharing.
Keep going.

Let faults
become feats.
Let setbacks become
Let tears of pain
become tears of joy.

Raise your face to the sky
and be knowing faith
in yourself
in your path
in your humble hopes.

Rise and become.
Rise and embrace.
Rise and discover
The true future within you.

Rise like the sun
challenging the night.
Rise like a fist
that fuels the fight.
Rise like a windstorm
and show us your might.



All Rise.