My kinda something

I happened upon a type of jewelry that takes my breath away. It was kinda astonishing actually, because literally the entire site suited my personal style to a T. It was like someone crawled into my head and walked around a bit.

The company is called Belle Etoile and I think I am in lust. The top 3 I liked most (honestly all of them make me happy) were the 3 sets called Butterfly Kisses, Pashmina, and Love Letter.

The Pashmina bangle really took my breath away. It has the feeling of a broken piece of ceramic plate made into jewelry. The butterfly kisses necklace really felt like a stained glass window on a necklace and the love letter necklace was simple, feminine without being overdone, and the blue color was my favorite shade.

I am thinking I have found another website to haunt.

The only other site I have ever found to match my style so perfectly, is the site. They feature unusual settings and beautifully set pieces. (I am not a  huge fan of diamonds) Give me an unusual setting and I am a happy girl, especially if that setting features a lot of bold color.

Here is a peek at the pieces I mentioned.