My Strange Confession

Ok, strange confession. I read those super sexy paranormal romance novels, but…I’m probably the only woman who reads them that..well..

Skips the sexy bits.

Yup. I skip the love scenes.

I mean, I AM glad they get all Jiggy with it, in those books. That’s the thing that happens when a really amazing story gets told..but…

I like the story bit, not the boing, boing,  boing bit.

I can’t seem to find paranormal romance that doesn’t have that bit..and other books are missing that super amazing interaction and devotion bit. I mean you find a good alien/vampire/shifter/elf/dragon romance that doesn’t have boing, boring, boring.. go ahead..I’ll wait here…

(Elevator music plays)

SEE! You either get fluff or fire..never in the middle.

So..I’m generally stuck skipping pages when the sexy hits the fan.

I don’t know why I’m telling on myself…

maybe because I’d love to be the first writer to write the sizzle without giving away the steak.

Course, many women like the books that way…

I just really love good storytelling with amazing love stories and adventure.

Sexy has a place, but…I ride the bus, ya know?

I hope they don’t revoke my paranormal romance library card for this.