Broken Hallelujah

There are so many broken things.

Broken things don’t always want to be mended, especially if they don’t realize they are broken.

“You cannot walk the path for others, you can only walk your path, and hope they find you when your paths cross once again”

My heart hurts to accept these truths. I try to recognize lessons as they come. I am in no way superior. I am just hyper-aware of my broken bits and acknowledge that they are broken, as I try in my own small way, to embrace, mend and discard as needed.

I find Christmas difficult. It is extremely joyful and my favorite holiday. It is also extremely painful. This is how time affects things. As a kid the holidays equaled different things. As an adult you miss people and moments that have passed. The weird thing is, I honor both bits. The memory of childhood and the wisdom of adulthood.

I  grow quieter each year. Too much thought to use my voice. I sit and allow myself silence. There is a reason Silent Night is my favorite hymn.

(               ) <—– This space is for my Christmas wish. Please forgive me for being a bit selfish in my wish. I have many, many, wishes for others…but this one…just this one, is for me.

Thank you Jesus,

For Christmas lights and twinkle caves.

For a child’s giggle in Target that paused everyone who heard it.

For Robins nicknamed Williams.

For Lifesaver candy canes from Jan.

For lifts home on snowy days.

For bare branched trees that look beautiful in twilight against the snow.

For silent night and silent contemplation.

For loss that isn’t forgotten

For hearts that break because they loved.

For broken things, because they can be mended, even when they think they can’t.