New Theme and blog changes in the works

I changed my theme to better accommodate those with multiple devices. It was a lot of cursing and wingeing (please don’t make me do it again. Whimper)

There was another one I liked a WHOLE LOT, but it only showed clickable titles that the reader had to click to read the content and I hate that stuff. (Still bitter)

There are five sides to my personality, sorta..

There is the me who loves books (reading them), the me who loves poetry and writing, the me who loves sewing and stitching, the me who loves art, and the me who loves decorating.

I want to do blogs for all these things, but figure they might bore the stuffing out of people. I am also contemplating making changes to this blog. I am not overly certain why people read my blog. Do they like my poetry and writing? My personal posts? Do they prefer specific sections or a mash-up of stuff the way it is now?

I need to get cleaner content. I want to look more professional now that I am focusing my career on poetry and writing.

Therefore, I am contemplating creating more than one blog and linking them together in pages.

This could either go very right, or horribly wrong.