The John Wick Action Sequence Dream

I swear, I wish I had cameras in my head as I dream. That was totally badass as dreams go!

I couldn’t watch the first movie. The dog dying was not something I knew I could be ok with, so I watched clips online and decided that eventually I will watch on DVD and skip that scene, only…I’m poor as mouse, and haven’t done that yet.

Therefore, I have no idea if this dream sequence ever actually happened but,I doubt it.

In the dream the organization was discussing ways to protect John from those seeking to cash in on a bounty (which is funny cause that guy doesn’t need protecting) Anyway, they show off this interesting gun that shoots big silver balls instead of bullets.

My brain doesn’t remember it all (darn you brain!) but there is a hidden snake in the mix and he grabs the gun, jumps up on the outside runner of a truck-like vehicle, and proceeds to be driven towards Wick. A good guy, also on the outside of the vehicle, gets in a fight for the gun and he gets shot. There are silver balls flying everywhere and people shouting.

Now for the best bit.

John Wick doesn’t move. He just stands there and waits. When the guy gets close enough, in the car, he simply takes aim and shoots. He doesn’t shoot him in the head. He doesn’t shoot him in the heart. He shoots him in the side. On purpose.

The guy advances towards Wick. He’s bleeding extremely, because he’s been shot in a major artery. He falls to his knees in front of Wick who looks him right in the eye, then falls over.

Seriously. I have the best dreams.

Be jealous bitches.