Stop standing, start running!

I refuse to die without experiencing all I can. I made that commitment to myself.

I decided that the day I left my unhappy marriage, and embarked on a path to find and become more than I was.

I have done soo much I never would have imagined before.

I took online classes.

Learned to balance my own account.

I lost 60 lbs.

I got my driving permit

Got a roommate.

My first apartment.

Bought my own laptop computer.

Traveled on an airplane from Florida to Arizona by myself.

Traveled on an airplane Internationally by myself. From Wisconsin to the United Kingdom.

Spent a year in England.

Lived in Dallas.

Traveled by Greyhound to New Mexico by myself.

Learned how to use bus transportation regularly.

Took up photography.

Am writing a book.


I am finally living..REALLY living.

Those things were huge to me. The people I have met, the experiences I discovered. They make me more…

but wanna hear something interesting?

Those changes are nothing compared to what has been happening inside me.

I have learned things about who I want to be.

Delved into my darker parts and confronted demons and fears that held/hold me back.

Forgave old pains.

Accepted old mistakes.

Learned who I want to be.

Learned what kind of love I deserve.

I love me. I love me, I love me, I love me!


I still have more to do…so much more!

But, these are things I cannot wait to do. Cannot wait to experience. I am finally where I am ready to be something new and keep going.

My current goals go like this:

Write my book.

Have my own place.

Decorate a bit at a time until the place is fully me.

Try new experiences.

Meet new people.

Eat new foods.

Go on vacation somewhere by myself from beginning to end. (California or Australia)

Do a travel blog.

Ask someone on a date for the first time.

Cultivate a crush on someone I consider out of my league.

Collect art I like and fill up my wall.

Create  the “Mom shrine of child embarrassment”

We only get 100 years. Stop waiting.

Stop standing still…

It’s passing. It’s all passing.

Stop standing!

Start running.