My body is extremely polite

I’m trying to decide if my body is a jerk or just really respectful. See, every stinking time I go on vacation something health-wise happens.

When I was pregnant I gave birth the day after my maternity leave started AKA 2 weeks overdue. When I went on vacation to the UK, I got the flu for the first 3 days. I started my 2 weeks vacation to get my last 7 Chapters of my book written and WHAM! I wake up to compressed nerves going all bat-shit crazy with spasms and extremely painful attempts to sleep.

I rarely get sick. Honestly. Usually the worst I get is some migraines that generally happen, you guessed it! On my days off.

I need to stop taking time off.


I must be the only girl in the world who’s body attempts to not inconvenience her on a regular basis. It just waits its turn, politely, like a boss.

Ps. Neck is getting better. Will be back to full writing mode tomorrow, no matter what!