This is it!!

Being sick makes me annoyed..but tomorrow I am hellbent for leather. I’m working 2 Chapters until they say UNCLE.

I will not let 7 Chapters stand in the way of finishing this book.

By the way…Compressed nerves and neck spasms hurt like a Motherfucker. I lost 3 Damned days. Never give up, never surrender!!

January 12, is my birthday. I want to be pretty close to done by then…so I can truly celebrate. I’m going to be going to Tinseltown in Erie to see the movie “A Monster Calls” Liam Neeson is the voice of the monster, I think. (Damn that man is sexy.) He scored almost a perfect score against me in Biometrics on Yummo. The truth is, I’m going because the monster character intrigued me. That and the story. I read the book sample and I really want to read it. The monster is a tree. A tree!! You know me and trees right?

I’m going to my second favorite place to eat in Erie, Olive Garden.

My all-time favorite place hasn’t been discovered yet. Mostly because it needs to be “Real” Mexican food, and Erie sucks at it.


I am also buying myself a present. The felt mouse that inspired Hamilton to begin with.

$55 plus shipping.

Soo very excited.