Journal Entry: January 8th, 2017

My BIL officially thinks I’m mental. Apparently going for a walk during a snowstorm is something he considers nutso cutlet.

I come from the country dude! Snowstorms aren’t scary unless crap is freezing and falling off ok!


It was actually a lovely walk. I walked into the retail section of my area, stopped at Kmart and bought a new journal to record my research on Art Nouveau into. This is something I was taught to do when overcoming my Dyslexia. The teacher suggested index cards but I like to look back at the things I learn and refresh my memory soo yeah, journaling.

I also stopped and got a sub at Subway. I had fun really. Snow wasn’t very cold as it was like powder. Powder snow tends to insulate a bit. Even with falling snow I didn’t get chilled at all. I’m not sure what BIL was on about.

I think sometimes people get addicted to their cars. Even going a few blocks they drive, that’s just dumb.

I’m not sure if it’s from growing up in the country or having spent a year in England, but..

walking is something I like and enjoy…just wish I could have gotten photos for Kazza like she asked, but it was snowing too much to chance my Kindle.

Kazza is currently really hot in Australia. 🙂

I think she had hopes that seeing snow would make her feel cooler. lol

Home now and doing some sewing.

More Hamilton work tomorrow. My vacation is half over..::pout::

Birthday on the 12th…mumble mumble.