Packages away!

Z’s presents have been mailed. Yay!

I was totally late for a good reason..I bought more presents. Then I didn’t have enough for shipping..whoops.

It’s because I realized kinda late that the one gift she specifically asked for, I lamely forgot…so I bought it with the shipping money…I am dork.

Anyway! It’s totally mailed now. Z is going to be totally surprised..there are quite a few items in there. It looks like only a few because I put 3-4 items in each box and wrapped it that virtue of the fact that I suck at wrapping anything not in a box.

I can’t reveal her presents as the lil stinker reads my blog. (Hi Z!)

But…I can show you this:


I know, I know totally unsatisfying..but it will annoy the Heck out of Z.   Hee hee hee