Chapter 18 & 19

I am working on editing the book from 1-17,  but am also working on Chapters 18-19. The continuity of the story-line is totally giving me fits. Suddenly realized part of my idea of using a tracking unit that downloads DNA is kinda illogical.Why would someone us DNA to track someone? #1 there isn’t really such technology in the world (Yet) and #2 a sensible person would most likely ask “Why doesn’t the person just hide the tracker on the person they are tracking instead? ACK. Kids catch me out every stinkin time.

So, I backtracked and changed the use of DNA as a simple marker or label for the tracker to identify the one being tracked by the device. That posed some really cool ideas. Like the use of multiple trackers on more than one person with the microchip identifying the one they are tracking with a DNA analysis. This means the spy can communicate to their team about who they are tracking without having to contact them directly. Therefore, if something say, “happens” to the spy they can determine who they last were following or trailing.

Yes, I know this is just a children’s book, but have you met them? They are smarter than NASA some of these kids! I know cause I gave birth to one of them. She literally sat on the kitchen floor for 3 hours staring at the refrigerator, at 4 years old, and concluded that there had to be a reason that there were hinges on both sides of the refrigerator door.Once I explained that the hinges not being used were so that you could change the side the door was placed on, for opening in the opposite direction due to say, a wall, she was content and wandered off again.

This is the same child that was utterly convinced she would go down the tub drain with the water when it left the tub and screamed bloody murder if I drained it while she was still in it. Go figure.

I also worked on the concept of an unusual version of a Palimpsest, that probably doesn’t exist in the world, but which I think would totally been the coolest thing, if it had. I can’t give it away though, as the book is titled Hamilton mouse and the Mystery of the Blank Book. Can’t go ruining the “Mystery” now can I?

Anyway, it is snowing outside. I am eating Hot Pockets, Coke, and some very nice Salted Caramel Cream ice cream (AH yeah!) which is supposed to have chocolate chunks in it, but of which I have only found 1 chunk of thus far.

What? Have we just met?

Ok, time to get back to work. Miss Templeton is stuck in a tree while I putz around after all!