Left With Livvy

So, decided to keep going with the Livvy installments.

To explain:

Livvy stories are in installments instead of Chapters. Chapters are things that are tidy. A beginning, middle, and an end. A story is told with a logical series of events.

Livvy’s story, isn’t that kind of story. Her story is told in installments. You see bits, you see pieces. The thoughts and snatches of something. Missing parts are present. An incomplete puzzle told like a diary being read aloud but out of sequence.

The installments will slowly teach you who Livvy is, who Seth is, and who they are together. There is a mystery but I’m not gonna tell you what it is. If you come to love Livvy and Seth, you’ll learn that the best truth, is the one you discover within your own thoughts.

These stories might resemble my childhood sometimes. Other times it will resemble other people’s childhood. All of them will be approached with deep respect.

These stories are meant to be read and mulled over like a poem, instead of read all at once, like a book.

I hope you love Livvy. She has a very tender place inside my heart.