My name is Livvy

Hello My name’s Livvy, I’m Livvy and I’m always left.

Left behind. Left alone. Left wondering where I belong.

My mum drinks a lot, sometimes she drinks to remember. Sometimes she drinks to forget.

She yelled at the ceiling once. I think it was the ceiling, though, I can’t be certain really. She was lying on the floor flat on her back at the time.

It could have been the ceiling, or God, or the man in the moon, who she says is my father, because she won’t tell me who he really is.

Anyway she yelled at what might have been the ceiling, that she was cheated. Left with nothin. Left with no money, no future, and a damned kid to feed and raise.

Left with Livvy.

I’m Livvy. I’m always left.

So…Most kids would just try to make themselves small, like a mouse, not be a bother. Me, I decided I was gonna go left and see what left had to offer.

So, I’m Livvy and I went the way nobody goes naturally. Most people naturally go right. Did you know that? They did studies. People, when given a natural inclination, will go right.

Me? I figure I might as well see what others are missing going right all the time.

Left with Livvy.

This time because I chose my own direction.

I turned left and the first thing I found was Seth.

Seth is my best friend. The very first friend I’ve ever had.

This is my story.

I’m Livvy and I’m going left, if you wanna come, you are welcome to go left with me.

Left with Livvy.