What do I want? Respectful Discourse

There is a saying online:

What do we want? Respectful Discourse

When do we want it?

Now would be agreeable to me, but I’m interested in your opinion.

That pretty much sums me up.

I am looking for a pen pal. Email first, then paper letter. I like both. I grew up online so email is ok. I like people who take the time to write a proper letter though, they actually want to talk to you. It’s right there in the work they did to write something real…on paper, after thinking about what to say, then addressing it, getting a stamp, actually mailing it. Woot!!

What do I usually receive from email?

Sigh*** inappropriate discourse. (We’ll just call it that)

(Bangs head on desk)

Ok, so you might want to be my pen pal but want to know more about me? Awesome!

You are currently looking at a very reliable resource. It’s my blog! The best place to start would be my “Thinking Post” section.

Short and sweet?

I don’t do prejudicial. You can dislike whole sections of the population if you like, but I don’t have time for people who think that way.

I am Christian by birth, but Taoist by faith. When it comes to other religions I am a firm Omnist.

I am an equalist as defined as:

Equalism is the belief that all human beings, regardless of gender, race, age, ethnic origin, or any other factor that defines our individual differences, are totally equal.

I am not/never will be skinny. The word Diet, for me, is defined as:
“the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.”

I don’t do that other kind.

I am however, a person who likes activity.
If someone can talk me into leaving my room, I generally lose weight as a result ( It’s that tricky bit about getting me to leave my room that holds the explanation of my slightly rounded nature).

I like to laugh. I crack myself up regularly, because I’m hilarious..just ask me.
I like to learn.

I like children.

I am a total goofball.

I’m 43 and quite content with myself.

Anyway, email Nectarfizzy@gmail.com if you want to be my pen pal. If you leave the subject line blank it won’t be opened. Plus, respectful discourse..you did read the post right?