Tillie Hartshaven

Excerpt from Chapter 18:

“Are you a gnome?” the child asked quietly “You don’t look like a gnome, but Damson always says that we shouldn’t decide things for people. If you think you are a gnome, and want to be a gnome, you’re a gnome…no matter what anybody says different.” She peered at Olivia again and added “You don’t look like one though, even if you are one. You don’t even have a hat, or a beard.”

Olivia felt her mouth twitch at the way the mouse had said beard. “Be-ar-D” it was completely random and unexpected this gnome-hunter in front of her. Perhaps she was hysterical or something. The child mouse consulted her book, which featured a gnome dressed very similarly on the cover. Pointy red hat and grey beard both clearly featured. Only his beard was rather more realistic. The child’s… was well, rather lacking really, given its felt nature and the fact that it was hanging rather precariously through two loops, one over each ear. That, and the obvious fact that the child was female.

Olivia couldn’t help herself, she smiled. “No, I’m not a gnome. Are you a gnome?” The little mouse moved closer to Olivia and smiled the biggest smile Olivia had ever seen. It was also the happiest smile she had ever seen.

“I’m an honor..an Honorrrar…she stopped and appeared to think it over. “The kind what that isn’t but is cause they say it’s ok to be one. On account of you like them so much.”

“Do you mean honorary gnome?” Olivia asked. The girl mouse gave her another of those blinding smiles and nodded,

“That’d be the one!”