Do other writers do this?

I often get ideas for book plots while writing one the idea wouldn’t be suitable for.

This ends me up with a book idea, vague book title, and the inability to focus on that book, because I’m trying to get THIS ONE to advance forward, but a feeling of dismay because I really like the idea.

It’s like holding a months worth of chocolate in one hand, and having a basket of Hot Tamales shake it’s ass at you as it passes by. You sassy tart! (Or maybe only I think that way)

My Books:

Lexi Morgan: Paranormal Detective. (6 Chapters completed)

The Alderdeen Chronicles (World creating, character sheets, and practice chapters)

Space School (Concept only)

The Moon Lenses (Co-Authored. 6 Chapters Non-Chronological order)

The Ubiquitous Time (Concept only)

Left with Livvy (6 installments)

The Littlest Thief (Short Story Completed)

Don’t Mess with the Contessa (Children’s poem book concept)

The 8 Elements (Concept, Notes)

Hamilton and the Mystery of the Blank Book (19 Chapters)

Bekki B & Poetry

Voices (A collaborative poetry effort with???)






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