New Craft Project: Mystery Stitch

I am going to be creating a “Mystery Stitch”  for Cross-stitchers.

What that is, is a challenge whereby stitchers are given a Cross-stitch verbally line by line rather than by using a graph. For example:

Line 1: 3 Stitch, 3 Space, 4 Stitch, 3 Space, 5 Stitch, End.

Line 2: 2 Stitch, 4 Space, 4 Stitch, 3 Space, 4 Stitch, End

The result would look something like this:

xxx. xxxx.  xxxxx
xx.   xxxx.  xxxx

but without the gap between lines 1 & 2.

Those who Crochet will definitely recognize a similarity.

By following this verbal direction the stitcher is kept in the dark about what design they are stitching and what the final result will look like, until they are done. For seasoned or mid-level Cross-stitchers, this is really a fun challenge.

The designer gives the size of the stitch, floss colors, and other direction for each section, so it becomes really important to give clear and understandable directions.

I am breaking mine up into 5 sections. To make it manageable. I have already finished graphing out the first section verbally. I just need to test it, to ensure there are no mistakes, since the stitchers will be completely trusting me not to make any errors, since they won’t be able to spot them until they complete the project.

Of course, that’s part of the fun.

I’ll post more as this project nears completion.