Lucid dreaming with a focus

How to use a focus for lucid dreaming.

Step 1: Understand what lucid dreaming is, and what it is NOT.

What it is: (According to Wikipedia)

“A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.

What it is not:

Easy dude! It’s not easy. No microwave timer here ok!

It takes focus and commitment. Time. Time. Time. Don’t do every technique in the book and think it will work. I have been doing it since childhood and still have days where I attempt to lucid and just plain fall asleep and snore my butt off with nothing. Lol

The technique that works best, for me, is is a type of brain training and meditation all in one.

I lie down and clear my mind. I do a few meditations ( Imagine wind blowing, windchimes, water flowing, birds singing) I imagine walking while maintaining all these sounds at once. This helps me focus on my meditation instead of outside stimuli.

I create a storyline. A plot and imagined fantasy with myself as a character, though not specifically the lead character. Depends on my mood. I imagine I can see the story in front of me. Generally I imagine it soo well I fall asleep. My lucid dreams generally take off from the storyline I created at that point. Until you can control the dream, you can have some humdingers of dreams (at least in the beginning of learning) without being able to affect them.

I write the same story each night. I embellish this and create dialog, action, and tension. Basically a movie with me as all the parts (Director, writer and actor).

I do this without expectations of a lucid dream. This is the building block. It takes at least a few months. You need to revisit the same created dream scenarios over and over again. The dream session ends when you fall asleep.

You know it is working when you dream your dream and while in the dream, realize you are dreaming. Better! You are getting there.

Now. Once that happens you are ready for a focus!

What is a focus?

A focus is an object you hold in your hand while you sleep. Some use something soft (in case you drop it) and some (like me) use something with a little weight and solid feeling. I use a smooth round stone that fits in my palm but isn’t too small to forget. You don’t need anything glamorous, I stole mine from a rock pile of polished black stoned outside a restaurant in

The purpose of a focus, is to remind you that you are dreaming. The presence of an object in your palm, oddly enough, keeps you slightly aware, while dreaming, that you are holding something. Practice trying not to drop the object while you sleep. At first, it feels awkward and weird..but it definitely isn’t easy to forget you have it in your palm. Later it becomes familiar and (for me) extremely comforting.

I have not dropped my focus in years. Literally 8-9 years or more. (I started lucid dreaming as a way to communicate with my dream guides and this helped immensely.)

As you use your focus you will drop into lucid dreaming more and more rapidly. It being almost a meditation in its own right.

My best lucid dreams are always just before waking. Especially if you have time to be partially aware and alert, but lazily drowsing.

Holding a stone in your palm can feel a bit uncomfortable, at first, so don’t sweat it if you drop the thing a lot or need to put it down after trying a few hours each night. It comes with time.

There is no such thing as fast results.


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