My own home bucket list

If I ever get my own home I’m totally doing a bucket list of things I have always wanted to experience.

1) Bust out a theme for each room and buy a new decorative item each month within my budget. Nothing too crazy. Just bits of happy here and there. Like each room a different country, personality, or something.


Kitchen: Sassy and Spanish. Love Fiesta-ware. The one place I’d indulge my love of goofy sayings “Whip it, whip it good!, “Don’t go bacon my heart, I couldn’t if I fried” etc.

Living room: Soothing and Caribbean. Love beach themed colors. Tactile decor like baskets and seashells everywhere.

Bedroom: Romantic and French. Lilac and Green. With Parisian sentimentality. Antique suitcases, clean linens, wrought iron, and some open-shelved wardrobes.

2) Buy a really cool cookbook and make each recipe in it one page at a time.

3) Change each doorknob, drawer-pull, and cabinet handle into a collection of different types that capture your attention. Like an art collection with a use.

4) Focus on walls. Bits of art collection. Each wall something new and fun.

5) Hidden treasure. Hide little bits of random colored rocks, collectible painted shells or colored glass around the house behind tiny pressure panels. For little children who visit to hunt down.

That’s the bucket list so far. Will add more later.