Photobombing with Benedict

How adorable is Benedict Cumberbatch? The  man can’t say Penguins, loves to hilariously photobomb people on the red carpet, and politely requested his fans stop calling themselves Cumber-bitches, because he doesn’t like them saying that word in relation to themselves, whom he respects as his fans.

He’s not my favorite person (That spot is already taken) but the man has serious class. I think he gets top ten favorite male status.

It goes without saying I would totally be IN with the photobombing right? I totally wish I could tell him about Facebook wall bombing, he’d love it!!

Lets just stick him here:


Robin Williams

Benedict Cumberbatch

Jim Carrey

Tom Hanks

Rain (Jung Ji-hoon)

Lee Minho

Denzel Washington

Samuel L Jackson

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