Oh yeah, this happened

I mentioned on Saturday that I will be taking 2 weeks off in the summer for when Z visits.

3 hilarious and simultaneous reactions.

#1 “I’m not doing it.” (Points to someone else)

#2 “Nope””You cannot go on vacation ever again”

#3 “It was carnage last time you were gone”

They thought I took all my vacation in January so there was panic in their eyes and a general loss of color in their complexions.  

It’s nice to know my job is super secure. Not that I am special or anything..I think it’s more to do with me doing the work NOBODY else wants to do..like EVER again.


Welcome to learning how I deal with the cheapest (and most buggy) sign system ever created by mankind. Muhahaha!!

Then there is my Commodities department.

What? You don’t enjoy constantly straightening, marking down, dating, and pulling product?

But it’s soo therapeutic.




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