AL K. Line

screenshot_2017-02-16-23-28-34Oh. EM. GEE.

Al K.LINE, just came out with 2 new ones. Book #8 of Black Spark called Wild Spark and Book #2 of the WildCat Wizard called Faery Dust.

I’m gonna fangirl like nobodies business.

Huff huff.

I just finished 2 over the last week, soo I am completely and utterly ready to read more.

Why are there so many awesome Sci fi writers out there!!!!

I really do need to create a list to recommend them to others.

I might even do a YouTube video if anyone shows an interest in what I think. (Snort)

Yeah, unlikely.

But I’ll make a list anyhow.

I’ll post it on Sunday.

At the moment I am watching a bit of Diamond Lover (Chinese Drama) and then going to bed.