Bits of thought throughout the day.

Ever have thoughts you don’t express but can’t completely forget at days end?

Here are a few of mine from today.

Winter. There is too much Winter out here. Somewhere between 2 weeks and a month is all the Winter I ever truly want.

I kinda dig that ladies turban. She looks like a  regal black princess. If I tried that look I’d look like an idiot. Sigh**

I really hate pizza rolls…why the hell do I eat these things….oh yeah, they are cheap.

Me: It’s a bunny!!!

My wallet: It’s frivolous expenditure.

Me: It’s on clearance $3

My wallet: It’s a bunny!!!

(She is currently on my stand in all her ceramic wonder)

I could totally live off ice cream. Problem is my butt would not fit through doors after awhile….sigh***