Side note of the day

I could seriously do a 4 hour post/rant about why I hate Spellchecker. It is simultaneously the worst and best thing the world has ever invented. As a Dyslexic I can’t go without it, and in that area it is super helpful. It’s those other times that make me incredibly insane.

Mostly, what I hate, is that even after you assure the damn thing that “No no that is what I wanted it to say” it has the ability to fucking ignore you and post whatever the fuck it wants any way. (I may have cursed here, but at least I held back and didn’t do all caps the way I wanted. Because that would be rude and I am a fucking lady.)

I have many times hit post on here only to have Spellchecker change something just as I hit save. This results in me totally having a fit and speaking ill of his mother (I’m sure she’s actually a lovely person).

I sometimes have it happen so much when I write poems I have contemplated doing a poem called “Spellchecker” just to see what poem the little ass would create for himself.

As you probably determined from my comments I am a bit peeved ATM by a messenger post gone very awry making me look like an airheaded dweeb. Thus, this post is serving to help me vent my completely out of the norm freak-out.